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Sericulture visa-vis Bodo People

   The art of rearing of Eri silkworms, spinning and weaving was introduced by the Bodo indigenous people in India (Dr. T. C. Sharma, 1981). The use of Eri silk is closely associated with the culture and tradition of the Bodo society and occupies a prominent place in the Socio-economic life of the people of BTC areas. The Efi culture is practiced not only for silk but also for the protein rich pupae for consumption of people as a delicacy. The Eri silk has special thermal properties, which supplement the requirements of warm cloths like wool.

   The entire Bodoland areas are endowed with rich fauna and flora suitable for production of all varieties of Silkworms namely Efi, Mulberry and Muga. While Eri culture is part of cultural ethos and a tradition of Bodo community since time immemorial. However, Muga and Mulberry culture was introduced as a commercial economic venture only recently. Due to conducive climatic condition that prevails in BTC area for production of other varieties of Silks apart from Eri , the Muga and Mulberry culture was introduced and came up as one of the income generating venture in a systematic way amongst the rural folks of BTC from 8th five Plan onwards.