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Directorate Functions & Responsibilities

After creation of Bodoland Territorial Council during the year 2003, the Directorate of Sericulture started functioning in an effective way by extending support to grass root level Sericulture farmers. This initiative taken by the Council for providing holistic woes to the farmers by extending financial as well as technical support, the popularity of the Department of Sericulture increased amongst people within a limited time. The concerted effort made by Sericulture Department in association various groups of people to strean-Eilie the Sericulture Department in BTC, within short period, the BTC has able to produce 1012 MT of Raw Silk and made a remarkable impact for overall progress of Silk Industry in Assam which accounts 30 % of total Raw Silk production in the State. Due to the remarkable achievement made by the department in terms of production and productivity within a short span, the Directorate of Sericulture earned recognition from Govt. of India. Some of the major works of the department are:-

  •  Host Plant Development
  •  Silkworm Rearing
  • Marketing Assistance
  •  Training & Education
  •  Research & Development
  •  Publicity & Exhibition